8 Conspiracy Theories That Refuse To Die

Conspiracy From poisonous chemtrails to Area 51 as a government cover-up of nuclear weapons manufacturing, spycraft, or actual aliens, the vast majority of conspiracy theories don’t rely on anything as unimportant as facts and research. Instead, they simply jumble together everything that might vaguely point or relate to a particular situation.


Denver International Airport is looked at askance because of its terrible murals and Blucifer, which obviously makes it the playground of the Illuminati. Some are adamant that US school shootings are just a distraction from sinister scenarios playing out in the White House.

It Was All Political

On March 15, 2019, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant entered the Al Noor Mosque in Riccarton and started shooting. Twelve minutes later, he entered the Linwood Islamic Centre and the shooting continued. The aftermath saw 51 people dead and a further 49 injured. Tarrant decided to livestream the first shooting on Facebook. In no time, the video became a source of conspiracy theorist fodder.

There were claims that the attack was a false flag operation and that the murder victims were merely crisis actors. (This is similar to the theory about the Sandy Hook tragedy.) It was also argued that the false flag operation was allowed in order for gun policies to be changed in New Zealand.

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In The Name Of Love

When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a trace in March 2014, no one thought that the plane would still be missing six years later. Most expected that the wreckage and the black boxes would be found so that an explanation for the incident could be discovered.

Instead, as of mid-2020, only a few pieces of debris have been identified as belonging to the ill-fated plane. Families of the victims are calling on authorities to reopen the investigation and restart the search. Also, in 2020, the conspiracy theories around the tragedy have multiplied, with some becoming even more ridiculous.

Fake Melania

A host of conspiracy theories exist about Donald Trump and his presidency. In turn, Donald Trump seems to buy into a lot of theories about various things. The one he soundly rejects, however, is the long-standing theory of “Fake Melania.”

The Fake Melania theory is based on the claim that a body double stands in for the first lady and accompanies the president to various places. It is also argued that the body double hides behind large sunglasses and wears clothing similar to Melania Trump’s. Supposedly, the conspiracy was uncovered because the woman is shorter than Melania.

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Island Of Horrors

The Plum Island Animal Disease Center was established in 1954 as a facility for research into animal pathogens. It was hoped that new ways to stave off diseases such as African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease would be developed.

The island also houses the only foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank in the US. But naturally, research could not be conducted there without various conspiracies swirling about these activities.

According to one theory, no research is actually done on the island. Instead, animal-human hybrids are in the process of being developed there. Researchers have been accused of being Nazi scientists out to create alien technology and genetically modified monsters.