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School management software (SMS) is the management software which will centralize the students, parents, teachers , staff and school community members on the single platform. school management software is more than just another technology solution – it is an educational system that will improve the way school is managed. As schools have different needs towards the learning process in social manner as well as with educational structure has some nuances compared to general school education. Another school specific is the need to involve children parents more in the process of their child’s education.

School Management

The main purpose of School Management Systems is to help schools manage various operations including student data, administrative, and fund raising operations. This software makes the information flow quicker and more accessible. It will provide the useful tools to teachers to decrease the daily routine of simple tasks which could be automated.

The management of the software is more centralized and easier to keep updated. By implementing software to manage daily school needs, teachers and administrators can save time and have a good overview of resources. Parent interest usually is to have a better and quicker way to communicate with teachers of their children or the school administration.

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Main key features

  • Information retrieves with quick process about student, teacher, and employee.
  • Effectively Management of time table, attendance and fee.
  • Keep up gradation in library management.
  • Web community management
  • Online content management

With the help of this software teachers can easily access pertinent student information, generate reports, collaborate with other educators or develop lesson plans from virtually anywhere. Parents can view or be alerted to absences, grades assignments and school events.

Security- provides a single secure database structure that organizes stores and retrieves real-time information. In addition to personalized the password generation for each teachers, parents and school administration.

Teachers get automated reports and average grades in the end of a session. Children have a list of the home tasks, digital learning materials. It saves a lot of time for the people involved in analyzing of the school performance as all statistics are presented automatically.