Gruesome Ways Serial Killers Disposed Of Their Victims

Killing is a messy business especially when you’re a serial murderer and the bodies are stacking up. There are two processes in serial killing—the front-end process which is the act of killing itself and the back-end process which is the hiding or destroying of evidence. It’s often in this final process that most serial killers are caught as disposing of a body isn’t the easiest of tasks.

These following serial killers all took matters even further and began to get very creative with their victims’ corpses. Whether it is feeding them to live animals or cashing in the cadavers for a tidy profit; here are the top 10 most gruesome ways notorious serial killers disposed of their victims.

Ed Gein Turned Them Into Household Goods

Imagine becoming such a gruesome serial killer that your very crimes inspired the likes of Buffalo Bill in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, Leatherface in ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and Norman Bates in ‘Psycho’. Well, Ed Gein is the inspiration behind all three as he planned to create a makeshift and very gross replica of his late mother, Augusta Gein.

Following her death in 1945, Ed claimed he had lost the only woman he ever loved. At their home located on a remote farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin, he boarded up all the rooms once used by his mother and resided alone in the small kitchen. Ed then murdered two women and dug up the graves of many other females.

Dr. H. H. Holmes Sold The Parts For Science

Born Herman Mudgett, later changing his name to Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, this notorious monster is widely known as America’s first serial killer. In 1893, he built a hotel in Chicago which was nothing less than a giant, elaborate torture chamber in which rooms contained unusual and cruel ways to die. He eventually confessed to 27 murders although the real victim count was most likely around the 200 count.

At his ‘Murder Castle’, he would lure victims with the offer of work at his pharmacy, then insist they take out a life insurance policy of which he was the sole beneficiary. Once they disappeared into the hotel, never to be seen again, he would collect the money. Holmes became an expert in disposing of the dead. Also, his medical connections through the pharmacy enabled him to sell on organs and skeletons to medical schools in Chicago who were always demanding more cadavers for their students.

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Albert ‘The Gray Man’ Fish Cooked And Ate Them

Albert Fish was a child serial killer and cannibal who took the lives of 8-year-old Francis McDonnell, 8-year-old Billy Gaffney, and 10-year-old Grace Budd. Fish later boasted that during his reign of terror, he had children in every State” and that the real victim count was around the 100 mark.

After the murders, he continued to terrorize the parents of his victims. Fish penned a sinister letter to the mother of Grace Budd, explaining in haunting detail how he dismembered and cooked the remains of the young girl. Fish wrote, “(I) cut her in small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms—cook and eat it. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body.”

Gary Heidnik Fed Them To His Other Victims

Gary Heidnik is one of the most grotesque serial killers of all time. In 1986 and 1987, he kidnapped and tortured six women; trapping them in his basement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What happened in that basement is so terrifying it reads like a horror movie.

Former FBI Profiler and ‘Mindhunter’ author John Douglas revealed that Heidnik still haunts him today. Douglas said, “(Heidnik) was even worse than the guy Buffalo Bill in the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’”. (He) would fill the pit up with water and not drown (his victims) but have them stand in water up to their necks and then get electric wire and torture them while they were in the water.”

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John Christie Stuffed Them Into The Walls Of His Kitchen

British serial killer John Christie murdered six women, including his wife, in the 1940s and 1950s. In 1938, he moved into 10 Rillington Place in West London with his wife, Ethel. Then a decade later, his marital home became a house of horrors as he hid the bodies of his victims within the walls and grounds of the property.

His first two victims, 21-year-old Ruth Fuerst and 32-year-old Muriel Eady were buried in the garden. Next was his neighbor, 20-year-old Beryl Evans, who he disposed of in a sewer drain, her husband wrongfully accused and executed for the murder.

Luis ‘La Bestia’ Garavito Buried Them In A Mass Grave

Between 1992 and 1999, Luis Garavito terrified the streets of Colombia as he traveled to as many as 54 towns in the country, in various disguises, where he lured young boys—aged between eight and sixteen-years-old—to their death. Garavito, also known as ‘La Bestia’ which translates to ‘The Beast’, would walk his young victims for miles so they became tired, then he would tie them up and torture them. He also mutilated their genitals.

The boys were mostly ‘street kids’ who were separated from their families so many of the murders went undetected. Then in 1997, a mass gravesite in a ravine in Pereira, initially thought to be the work of a satanic cult, was uncovered containing the remains of 25 children. This is where Garavito dumped the bodies—and he almost got away with it. Luckily, investigators discovered spectacles at the gravesite which had a rare prescription, leading directly to the killer.

Zhang Yongming Fed Them To His Dog

In 2012, Chinese serial killer Zhang Yongming who became known as the ‘Cannibal Monster of Yunnan’ was found guilty of killing 11 young men. He would either dismember, burn or bury the bodies. Some remains he also fed to his dog and other remains he sold at a local market in Kunming city which he led people to believe was ‘Ostrich Meat’.

Youngming had already been convicted of murder in 1979 but was released from prison in 1997. He became a suspect in the murders when many young boys started to go missing near his home and parents feared they had been sold into slave labor. One boy was grabbed around the neck by Yongming’s belt but he luckily managed to escape.