Look out what’s new with Google Chrome

Google Nearly a decade ago, not all jobs involve working with a web browser that lets the user to access applications which lead to achieve business goals. Today the scenario is upside down. In an organization every department requires a system with internet connection to operate internal web applications. For the ease of users the leading web browser “Chrome” has met with many changes so far in all aspects including the recent improved security and support.


The popularly know Microsoft’s Internet Explorer seem to be highly used web browser in terms of security. But in recent times Chrome has acquired the proud of highly used business web browser for its security, functionality and speed. Today’s IT administrators feel that Chrome is capable of delivering and automatically updating enterprise application without any hurdle across all operating systems. This saves them time and money.

In order to serve the customers even better, Chrome has come up with some cool ideas that ensure vital users to stick with the browser for ever. And they are,

  • Security
  • Caching
  • 24*7 supports

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Being a service provider for more than a decade, Chrome is highly concerned about user’s security. In the recent updates Chrome has made the sandbox even more secured by incorporating more set of protections, it includes a dedicated security panel in dev tools for developers to deal issues raising with mixed content and certificates (i.e. pages rendered by both HTTPS and HTTP elements). In addition to the previous version of security warning, a high protect over unwanted sites have been deployed with more concern.


For the purpose of ensuring whether all the systems that run on Chrome browser are up to date, every six week companies rely on automatic updates. But in case of an organization that runs thousands of systems using chrome, it will be hard to update at one shot. This has been overcome with new Download preferences, this feature typically store the cache of updated systems in the proxy. So if a system need an update, it will be utilized from the proxy which indeed saves time and bandwidth.

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24*7 supports:

As a leading contributor of international IT needs, Google does realize that customer support is the best way to make them happy. As of now they provided support for only Google Apps Customers, now they are providing the same kind of service to those who doesn’t use Google Apps. Currently the deployment have done with US and Canada, very soon other regions of the world will also have a dedicated team working on customer support.