more about how detectives solved crimes in the Victorian Era?

The detective novel was born during this era, and many of the most famous fictional detectives were created during this time. Sherlock Holmes, for example, is a character that has been popularized by Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. These novels often featured a brilliant detective who solves difficult cases using his keen powers of observation and deduction. This type of story became so popular that it began to influence real life police work.


Detectives would use their skills in observing human behavior as well as their knowledge of psychology to solve mysteries. They would also use forensic science such as fingerprinting and ballistics testing on weapons or other objects found at crime scenes which helped them identify suspects with greater accuracy than ever before. Police forces also developed new methods for gathering information from witnesses and victims through interviews and interrogations which led to more arrests being made than ever before!

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Understand why detective work went from being mostly guesswork to highly scientific and technological during this era

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The Victorians had a lot of fun with their police work. They would often use the latest technology to solve crimes, but also relied heavily on intuition and good old-fashioned detective work. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next mystery novel or TV show, look no further!