Software Testing Trends Every Tester Should Know

Software Over the past decade, software testing has seen a lot of change in its technology and methods. Due to the stage by stage evolution in the manufacturing process, there is a peak rise in step by step software testing test cases. This brings more testing trials for the tester that is difficult to handle for a human.


Agile and DevOps introduce testing at the starting phase of the process. A considerable change has to be made in web automation testing tools in future. There is some trending change in the testing field every IT tester should know and follow in testing.

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Move to Quality Engineering

Products with more than one functionality are brought into market, testing becomes complex. QA software testing trends is a complete step by step flow of testing wherein initial testing completion proceed to next step. But in Quality Engineering you can implement both testing and automation process in earlier before customer acceptance phase.

Internet of Things (IoT)

You might hear about the IoT software where they control more than one devices to a single network access system. Of course, the tech may feel superb hi-fi but deep down inside testing, the testers face a lot of vulnerable challenges in the system. It is estimated that nearly 75% of the software testing company India faces security-related issues while testing.

Big Data Testing

We really do live in a fast-growing decade and many users upload terabyte data to the network. Managing such a large resource also need testing. Big data is a large amount of data which need to be tested for quality useful for business which cannot be processed by conventional computing techniques.

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Open source Tools

Open source tools are free of cost and a user can easily get benefit rather than expensive. Hence open source tools are the public stuff and visible to many users. The question is not only about security but also the chance of analyzing for bug and fixes the problem.

Mobile Testing

Nowadays mobile becomes our part of everyday life. Testing mobile apps is much more complicated that website testing as more application works in a single OS platform device. under this situation each task has to be divided to smaller task. This give freedom to make changes in specific area of application.


This article highlights only a few challenges faced by testers under QA testing. With the more new introduction to other technology also increase the need for testing services. It is recommended for all testers to know about testing trends carried out in other technology. Happy Testing!