Top Serial Killers Who Had Even Creepier Admirers

Over the years, there have been many cases of highly intelligent individuals becoming infatuated with convicted serial killers to the point of obsession. Some have even married them behind bars.

Sheila Isenberg, the author of “Women Who Love Men Who Kill”, explains in her book that there are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon. Some of these individuals might have been abused by a partner or parent themselves, some simply enjoyed the thrill of knowing where their “boyfriend” was at all times and others were simply involved for the fame and attention.

Serial Killers

These following cases all describe cases of “fans” who came across as very creepy to the public as they stopped at nothing – sometimes even turning to murder themselves – in order to get up close to the serial killer.

Charles Manson

In 2017, former cult leader Charles Manson died of natural causes at the age of 83. He had been behind bars at Corcoran State Prison in California since 1971 and previously denied parole 12 times.

Manson’s body was then cremated and his ashes were handed over to his grandson, Jason Freeman. The ashes eventually found their way into the hands of a tattoo artist named Ryan Gillikin via his close friend named Tony Miller who was a friend of Freeman. Gillikin told Vice Magazine, “Long story short, Miller grabbed a handful of cremains at the spreading of the ashes… (Tony) Miller and (Jason) Freeman then had a falling out over Miller selling funeral pamphlets without giving Jason his cut.”

It gets crazier—Gillikin then met Manson obsessive Patrick Boos who asked for the words “Helter Skelter” to be tattooed above his right eye and an “X” on his forehead the same as Manson had carved into his own forehead during the infamous trial. Boos requested the tattoo ink to be mixed with Manson’s cremated remains and this request was granted.

Boos stated, “It’s weird that Charles is a part of me now. Kinda creepy, I guess. And I don’t think it will affect me in any way.”

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John Wayne Gacy

Jason Moss graduated law school as an honors student and later became an attorney who specialized in criminal defense. During his college years, he began a research project and believed the best way to get the serial killers to write to him was by posing as the perfect victim.

John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who killed at least 33 young men and boys in Cook County, Illinois. Moss had read about Gacy’s twisted crimes and he explained, “In a burst of inspiration, I considered what I might learn if I approached someone like Gacy in the guise of one of his victims.” Moss then wrote to Gacy and introduced himself as a young, gay man despite being heterosexual himself. Gacy took the bait and the pair became pen pals before they eventually met at Stateville Correctional Center.

The letters were later published in the book “The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer” in 1999. Tragically in 2006, his mental health hit a downward spiral, and he took his own life at the age of 31.

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. was convicted of raping and murdering three women in Florida in the late 1980s. Rosalie Martinez was a public defender and mitigation specialist who had worked to keep him off death row. Martinez said her first meeting with Bolin Jr. left her “breathless”. She then divorced her husband—who was a prominent lawyer and also the father of her three daughters—so she could remarry to the serial killer.

Martinez believed that Bolin Jr. was innocent and she campaigned for his release. She told reporters, “I wanted to break out. I wanted to be loved like I’ve never been loved before, passion, someone to put me on an emotional pedestal, not with material things.” In 1996, they both wed at Florida State Prison in front of a TV audience of 12 million.

On January 7th, 2016, Martinez made a final plea for U.S. Supreme Court to save Bolin Jr. from execution. Those efforts were unsuccessful and he was executed by lethal injection hours later at the age of 53.

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Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas claimed to have murdered 600 women although it is believed he falsely confessed to a lot of these murders and the real number is more likely three victims. Lucas and his lover, Otis Toole, drifted between Michigan and Texas to carry out the string of murders.

At the age of 10, Lucas was left permanently blinded in one eye after a fight with his brother. He was also missing several of his teeth. This did not however deter one woman who had become obsessed with the serial killer after he was sentenced to life in prison. Creepily, the woman came up with a plot to free the serial killer from prison by posing as a former girlfriend he had murdered.

Lucas was first involved with Becky Powell when she was still a minor. In 1982, he drove Powell to a field in Texas where he killed her and scattered her remains. Disturbingly, his female admirer had intended to pose as Becky and clear Lucas of her murder. A sinister plot that never worked out.