Totally Insane Things People Have Done While Drunk

We all know that alcohol affects our ability to think straight and that means embarrassing drunken People stories are common. That said, while we might all cringe at things we have done when under the influence, some people take it that bit further and end up becoming headline news stories.


These are the tales of people who set a standard for drunken disasters that the rest of us can only dream of reaching.

Got stuck in a photo stand

Most of us who like a drink tend to go a bit over the top on our birthdays, so perhaps we should not judge Danny Melody too harshly. His mad moment also happened in Dublin, a city that is renowned for being party hearty. Danny is from Cheshire, in England, but was visiting Dublin to mark his 21st and decided to pose for a cheesy souvenir picture with his head in the hole of a photo board of a leprechaun. Unfortunately for him, it seems as if alcohol causes his skull to inflate, because once he had stuck his head inside the board he could not get it out again. His friends did what all true buddies would do at a time like that: filmed it on their mobile phones and uploaded it onto YouTube. He also became a magnet for people passing by, who started snapping photos of him.

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Sold their car to buy more booze

People often buy useless things when they have had too much to drink – the boozy Amazon shopping spree could be used by temperance campaigners – but selling something you actually need is a lot less common. That is what happened to a man from New Zealand, who somehow managed to keep his name from hitting the headlines. The man from Rotorua was in the middle of a truly epic binge when he ran out of money and decided to sell his car to a stranger for $800, to give him the cash to keep going.

Gone fishing

Fishing is a popular hobby, but not many people attempt it while they are under the influence. That was not the case for one man from Boston, who must have had the worst craving for fish in human history. This led him to take his boat out onto one of the city canals after a night of spectacularly heavy drinking. Unfortunately for him he was seen by the Massachusetts Environmental Police, who were on patrol in that canal at the time, and he ended up with a criminal record.

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Forgotten to finish a burglary

In what might be the most French story ever, a burglar in that country was captured by police after being tempted by a bottle of champagne in the middle of his crime. This bizarre incident took place in Provins, a historic town just outside of Paris, in 2014. The couple who owned the property that he had broken into came home after a night out and their suspicions were sparked by the sight of closed blinds, as they remembered that these were open when they went out.

Climbed a mountain

Making your way back home after having a bit too much to drink can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain, but one man from Estonia really did turn into Edmund Hillary under the influence of alcohol. The man, who was just called ‘Pavel’ in news reports, was on a holiday trip to the Cervinia resort in the Alps at the time. Apparently he had opted to hit the bars of this resort after a day on the ski slopes before wandering home to his hotel for the night.