Totally Trivial But Kind Of Interesting Facts About Movies

The process of film making is often as interesting to fans as the movies Trivial itself. Many potential blockbusters now have a second crew filming the first crew for their “Making Of” movies because fans love to discover how the sets, props, and costumes were constructed.Trivial

Some enthusiasts spend hours studying the sound effects of a light saber swishing through the air (a cross between the hum of an old-style film projector and the feedback from a TV). Others try to track down the numerous “One Rings” from The Lord of The Rings. (Many were stolen from the set as souvenirs.)

Sometimes, though, you just want to impress your friends with a cool piece of movie trivia that no one else knows. If that’s what you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading.

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Alan Rickman Fell Hard In Die Hard

Everyone loves Die Hard, and Alan Rickman certainly makes a great villain. His final scene as Hans Gruber, the terrorist-turned-thief, was a difficult one in both the finished film and the shoot.

Rickman is seen hanging onto Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia as he dangles from a window near the top of the Nakatomi building, which was 20th Century Fox’s corporate headquarters in real life. Gruber’s watch is entangled with that of Mrs. McClane, and he is about to drag her down with him.

In fact, Rickman was held by a rope 12 meters (40 ft) above a crash pad with a camera trained directly on his face. Director John McTiernan wanted to capture every emotion in Rickman’s face as the villain fell to his death in slow motion.

The Matrix Code Is Made Of Sushi

First, there was bullet time. The Wachowskis may not have invented it, but they certainly made it popular. With bullet time, the action becomes slow enough that you can dodge bullets. In fact, you can even pick the bullets out of the air in mid-flight, examine them, and drop them on the floor before they kill you.

Then there are the awesome fight scenes, the costumes, and Keanu Reeves’s weirdly long, thin body.

This is a lot to process—and that’s before you try to get your head around the plot. So, if you didn’t give the Matrix code more than a glance, that’s understandable. But it’s a mistake because the Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us.

But what exactly is the Matrix?

It might be the source code which creates temporary constructs to satisfy our feeble human intellect. Or it could be a recipe for sushi.

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Velociraptors Are Sexy Beasts

Sound effects can be difficult, especially when you are trying to recreate the noise from an extinct dinosaur. The sound effects department on Jurassic Park experimented repeatedly but soon discovered that it was best to record modern animals when they are at their most primal.

In other words, when they are mating.

The Gallimimus herds were voiced by female horses in heat, and the T. rex was a combination of a dog and an elephant.

The Velociraptors may not have been the largest dinosaurs at Jurassic Park, but they were intelligent hunters. They stalked their prey through kitchens and communicated with each other through the language of tortoise love.

Vitamins Are Not Always Good Things

The Wolf of Wall Street is a film about excess. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort, an amoral Wall Street stockbroker. When he is fired after Black Monday, the stock market crash of almost 22 percent in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on October 19, 1987, he charts a new path.

Belfort discovers that he can make as much money from conning people out of their life savings in a backstreet boiler room as from any of the fine offices along Wall Street. Along with his new business strategy, Belfort develops a huge appetite for alcohol and drugs. Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) is the right-hand man who aids and abets Belfort.