Truly Terrible Things that are Legal Right Now

Our legal system seems perfect on the surface, but sometimes it falls short when it is needed most. With a century of amendments on its back, the Constitution is so large that very few people are capable of knowing all the laws. But even with so many laws, some areas are left uncovered, leading to the pseudo-legalization of some terrible practices.


These practices are things we should pressure the government to look into to avoid manipulation of citizens by malicious individuals. You may get away with some of these things but do not count on being lucky if the judge is determined to punish you for these terrible acts.

Avoiding the Repo Man

Okay, this one may not seem terrible to some, but to the Repo Man, it’d be downright annoying. Sometimes we fall into financial troubles and are unable to make payments. Repo men repossess products owed to companies, e.g., if you have a car you purchased on a loan you’ve defaulted, you may get these men knocking at your door to get the property back for the company.

But legally, you can keep them at bay since they’re not allowed to come onto private property. You can keep your car inside your garage, not on the driveway. You can lock your house, garage, or go to the local mall to wait them out. Also, repo men are not allowed to disturb the peace. So legally, if he tries to threaten you, you can refuse their attempt to take the property and call the police.

But beware! While you might be able to get away with this temporarily, it’s probably not the best idea. Repo companies can eventually get a court order to enter your property and recover their property. You can also talk to your bank about renegotiation before the car gets taken back. Here, the loan holders have to give you new terms of debt payment and leave the car with you.

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Why is Bestiality Still Okay?

Bestiality refers to humans performing sexual acts with animals. Bestiality is legal in many US states, and there are no definite laws against it. Surprisingly, no law prohibits acts of bestiality across the country. You can cohabit with an animal without legal consequences under many different laws.

Recently a man was caught having sex with a dolphin but didn’t face any repercussions due to a lack of laws against it. Zoophile groups defended him, asserting that the act was not illegal. Most authorities seem fine with this as long as the animal is not forced or hurt in the act.

Believe it or not, Zoophilic pornography is also legal in most states. You don’t even need to search that hard to find the content, which is insane.

Colorado Felony Murder Crime

Colorado has a weird law called felony murder, which is a very different concept from capital murder. This law allows judges to sentence suspects for life without any possibility for parole just for being involved in a murder, even if they were not the ones that executed the murder.

Take the example of a Colorado woman caught working with a male accomplice while trying to flee a bank robbery. The lady was caught and handcuffed, then put in the back of a police car. Meanwhile, the unarrested male accomplice shot a police officer, who later died. The woman didn’t commit the murder but received the sentence of felony murder because she had been involved in the original robbery crime with the male perpetrator.

Some legislators are trying to get this law repealed since it’s only fair for an individual to be sentenced for crimes that they actually committed. Many people are currently in prison due to this law, and most of them didn’t even know about the law when the crime happened.

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Pyramid Schemes

Unfortunately, pyramid schemes disguised as legitimate companies are legal and operate in the United States. Such companies lure innocent, desperate people with promises of wealth and careers. However, they rely on their victims to pay admission fees into the organization to fuel operations.

They entice you to admit more new members into the organization so you can get paid commissions. The new members follow the same pattern, and the scheme goes on and on.

They disguise themselves as multi-level marketing companies, and some of them have grown to be billion-dollar companies while scamming people. The government has shut down some companies, but most of them continue operating without regulation. The government needs to look into such matters to prevent such scams from exploiting unsuspecting citizens.

Sketchy Supplements?

There has been a surge in organizations offering natural cures for ailments such as obesity, cancer, or inflammations. But the supplements provided by these companies are often not backed by any scientific research or testing. The lack of research means the supplements might work, but their overall effects have not been studied enough, which might leave you open to additional ailments.

According to the law, they can’t be regulated by the FDA since they have the ‘natural cure’ tag. Consequently, these organizations can gamble with other people’s lives without offering legal recourse or assurance.

Be careful since these supplements are probably more harmful to your overall health.