Web Design vs. Print Design – What You Need to Know About

As being a leading graphic designing company, it is highly important for us to know the similarities and differences between print design and web design. Since there are many similarities as well as differences between the two, their design standards have different approaches. There are so many people out there who are not fully aware of the distinction between the two and keep the same mindset and approach while designing both of them.

Print Design

Let’s understand this by taking an example when a design is made for a print medium such as magazine, brochure, flyer, etc user’s way of interacting with it is entirely different as compared to a website. The way of handling such print medium is by turning pages and moving through the information mentioned in it. Furthermore, we keep several factors in mind while considering things like quality of the0esign is printed on, aesthetic design, color combination, texture, weight, and overall finishing.

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There is not much interactivity in print designs. There are no links to click on, no buttons to hover etc. All you can do is flipping pages and turning them over. You can’t make a comment to interact with it.

But when it comes to print designs which are majorly used on websites, their way of functioning in a completely different, it’s all about interactivity and intuitiveness. You can click and scroll which provides a very interactive experience to users. Anything that a website does is a result of where you click and move your mouse. As compared to print design media, websites can keep audience more engaged, which allows them to explore something more.

Web designing is so much different from print designing in lots of ways. Web designing is all about changes and implementation, continuous tweaking, and improvement. Web designing is frequently evolving with time. Some businesses redesign company websites occasionally to provide a more intuitive user experience. Whereas, in print design, what you see is what you get, no exceptions. The information is printed on a piece of paper that has a finite size, unlike web design which can hold almost infinite content. In print media, the information will not grow or expand over time. It will stay same forever.

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Both designing streams have their own cons and pros. For instance, a game designing company can only use designing skills in digital media, print media is useless for him/her.

To explain all this, check out the infographic we have shared below. It will help you understand the differences and similarities between the web design and print design.